As a Full Stack Developer with over 6 years of experience, I have a proven track record of delivering satisfying work for my clients.
The bulk of my expertise lies in Laravel, Vue, and their ecosystem, along with experience in React and Next.js.

I've worked on real-time auctioning software, a platform for musicians to build portfolios and track engagement helping them increase their hiring opportunities, and a metadata catalog for movie studios to maintain a single source of truth.

I’m an effective communicator and a team player with a strong capacity to work independently.
I always try to see the projects I’m working on from the user's perspective, ensuring their interaction with the interface is smooth and user-friendly.

In my free time, I work on personal projects that reflect my passion for technology and innovation. These include a Procreate Thumbnail Handler for Windows and a text color plugin for Statamic's WYSIWYG editor.

Many of my projects are open-source, allowing me to give back to the developer community that has supported my growth. My personal website, built with Next.js, showcases my hands-on experience with the latest technologies:

I’m ready to bring my skills, creativity, and passion to challenging projects that require technical proficiency and a love for tinkering.
I'm also a hobbyist composer with a love for sci-fi movies and video games, always dreaming of the 90s.

Technical Skills

Node.js · PHP · Javascript · TypeScript · CSS · TailwindCSS · MySql · PostgreSQL · Laravel · Vue · SST · AWS Lambda · GraphQL · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · WebRTC · Sockets · ElasticSearch · Bootstrap · Vuetify · Python

Past work

→ Fabric


Jul 2023 - Ongoing

  • ● Fixed bugs in the app, making it more reliable for users.
  • ● Suggested changes to the way we write and organize code, helping the team work better.
  • ● Delivered critical fixes for key clients like MGM, Fox, Viacom, etc enhancing their experience and trust in the product.
Tech Stack:

Express.js, Laravel, React, Material UI

→ ReelCrafter


Nov 2022 - Aug 2023 · 10 mos

  • ● Worked closely with the CEO to develop new features and fix bugs
  • ● Accelerated the progress on ReelCrafter’s planned v2.5 upgrade, which offers major usability & quality of life improvements for customers.
  • ● Came up with ideas that improved client experience and/or development experience
Tech Stack:

V2: SST 1 (Node) serverless backend with REST API, Vue 2 Frontend with Vuetify 2 component library

V2.5: SST 2 (Node) serverless backend with GraphQL Api, Vue 3 Frontend with Vuetify 3 component library



Sep 2022 - Nov 2022 · 3 mos

  • ● Hands-on experience with vuetify & desktop app development
  • ● Gained valuable experience working in a start-up environment
  • ● Sped up development by coming up with a quick admin panel implementation (Laravel Nova)
Tech Stack:

Mysql, Vuetify, Electron, Laravel



Sep 2020 - May 2022 · 1 yr 9 mos

  • ● Spearheaded a critical initiative to address significant vulnerabilities and performance concerns in the existing codebase, resulting in a successful full code rewrite that significantly improved security and performance
  • ● Implemented Elasticsearch endpoints where database queries were not the best solution
  • ● Helped junior devs understand the tech stack and get better at their job
  • ● Implemented multiple API integrations, including payment processors
Tech Stack:

🡆 Pre-rewrite:

Client Apps: Vue 2 Frontend blessed with jQuery, served by a Laravel 5.6 app. Each client would have their own app with hardcoded configurations.

Multi-tenant Backend: PHP5.6

🡆 Post-rewrite:

Client Apps: Nuxt Application, with feature flags for each client. Choosing a client is done from an .env variable, then specific client configurations would be loaded from the multi-tenant backend.

Multi-tenant Backend: Laravel 8, which integrates the features that the old individual client apps used to.

→ Art Games

Full Time Employee

Jul 2018 - Sep 2020 · 2 yr 2 mos

  • ● Worked closely with the CTO in a 3 person team to rebuild the Artmark website
  • ● Learned how to manage a fast-paced, ever-changing outsourcing workflow
  • ● Helped junior devs understand the tech stack and get better at their job
  • ● Worked solo on projects from start to finish
Tech Stack:

Backend: I've used Laravel from 5.6 up to 8. I also worked with projects that used Express.js(Node).

Frontend: I've used mostly vue 2, but also angular. As for CSS frameworks, I've used custom CSS, Bootstrap 4 & TailwindCSS


► Procreate Thumbnail Handler - Windows DLL

Do you store your Procreate projects on your Windows computer and wish you could see their thumbnails?

This tool solves that issue!

Open Source Projects

► Bard Text Color- Statamic Framework Plugin

Total Downloads

This is a statamic bard plugin that lets you change text color!

It allows you to use the default tailwind palette, but you can also add your own.

It is under active development. New feature suggestions are welcomed.

► Laravel Ray Legacy- Laravel Plugin

Total Downloads

This package can be installed in any PHP application to send messages to the Ray app. It was modified to work with older laravel installations.

It is under active development. New feature suggestions are welcomed.